Douglas Weatherford – After Pedro Páramo

Tuesday 11th November – 4 pm – ORB 1.24

After Pedro Páramo:
Juan Rulfo’s Search for Creative Projects in Film in 1955 and 1956

Speaker: Douglas Weatherford (Brigham Young University)

Tuesday 11th November, 4 p.m.

O’Rahilly Building, ORB 1.24

All welcome!


With the release of El Llano en llamas in 1953 and Pedro Páramo in 1955, Juan Rulfo (Mexico, 1917-1986) quickly cemented his place among the greatest writers of fiction from Latin America. In the following years journalists and critics would ask Rulfo about his next projects and, to many, it seemed that the Jalisco native had simply gone silent. The reality is that Rulfo was actively pursuing new artistic endeavors, with particular interest in the visual image. This presentation will examine Rulfo’s creative aspirations in film in the period immediately following the publication of his groundbreaking novel. 

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