Student Testimonials

I currently work as an accounts executive for Banco Santander Select in Santiago de Chile and I use Spanish every single day both at a professional level and at my leisure time. Studying Spanish opened so many doors for me and the most beneficial experience for me was definitely my Erasmus year in Alicante, where I completely immersed myself in the Spanish lifestyle and rediscovered my love for the language and the culture.
Ailsa Rumley (BA International, 2017)
Accounts Executive at Banco Santander, Chile
My year abroad studying in Barcelona made me more culturally aware. I think as a result I fit in well in a global and diverse company, such as the one I am currently working at.
Emily O'Sullivan (BComm, 2016)
Treasury Analyst at Orix Aviation
Learning Spanish was a major bonus and helps me to this day. As Brussels is very international, you meet people from all corners of the world coming from different cultures. My Erasmus in Spain taught me how to live and appreciate different cultures.
Ben Krasa (BA International, 2015)
Consultant at Teneo, Brussels
I began studying Spanish as a complete beginner in UCC and spent my ERASMUS year at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, during which time I developed fluency in Spanish, strong cultural awareness and the ability to interact with people from across the globe, both professionally and socially. Returning to UCC, I honed these skills and found them to be precisely what employers wanted. Just weeks after completing my final year exams, I took up employment with Telefónica – one of the largest telecoms companies in the world – on their pan-European graduate programme. This would not have been possible without the skills I learned at UCC.
Brian Foley (BComm, 2011)
Digital Product Owner at Allianz Partners
@uccsplas ofrece un muy interesante y provechoso programa de Máster a sus alumnos, además de otras opciones relacionadas con diferentes aspectos de las lenguas y culturas de la península Ibérica y de América Latina. La proximidad y dedicación de los tutores ponen la guinda a una experiencia francamente positiva, para toda persona interesada en adentrarse en el mundo Iberoamericano, ya sea por razones académicas como por razones profesionales.
Rafael Jaime (MA in Spanish, 2010)
Language Teacher at University College Cork
Choosing Spanish at UCC definitely broadened my horizons. I didn’t just learn new languages; I was inspired by friendly, approachable teachers, students and staff who shared their experiences from all over the world. In turn, I learned to assimilate new cultures, adapt to different environments and apply an openness to learning new professional skills since graduating. The international experience gained through studying in Spain, and in a multi-cultural setting in Ireland, helped me to secure a place on the IBEC Export Orientation Programme and a job with Tourism Ireland in their Copenhagen and New York offices.
Roisin Listen (BA Spanish, 2009)
I am currently teaching Spanish in Cork Educate Together Secondary School. I am responsible for promoting student-centred learning; developing subject plans; collaborating with colleagues and developing cross-curricular links. I have also organised exchanges to Madrid and created links with a secondary school in Mexico. After spending three years living, working and travelling in Latin America and gaining some teaching experience in UCC, I became convinced that teaching was a career that appealed to me. I can affirm that there is an ever increasing interest in Spanish as a subject, and it is generally viewed in an extremely positive light by students..
Angela Burke (BA Arts, 2003/ MA, 2007)
Spanish Secondary School Teacher in Cork Educate Together